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Terms & Conditions

  1. Anyone intending on bidding must be 18+ to register to bid. By signing up to bid means that you understand the “Terms and Conditions of Sale” & are signing up to our marketing list. You must produce photo identification e.g. Drivers Licence. You will then be given a bidders number which is yours for this auction only. You are responsible for any purchases made here today using your bidders card. Please keep it secure.
  2. A 12% (GST Inclusive) Buyers Premium applies to the knockdown price (final accepted bid) of each lot sold (paid by buyer).
  3. The highest bidder shall be the purchaser (subject to any reserve price) binding them and constituting a contract to the lot sold.
  4. Account is to be fully paid 1 business day after auction. Payment accepted by cash, direct deposit, EFTPOS or credit card. Surcharges apply of 2.5% for credit card payments. Invoice will be increased accordingly.
  5. Title of goods will not get passed on to the purchaser until full payment has been received showing as clear funds into CQ Auctions trust account.
  6. Any goods resold under default of the auction contract, whether by auction, private treaty or otherwise, will be accountable to the original vendor. The purchaser will be liable for any shortfalls, losses and costs involved but will not be entitled to any profit from such resale.
  7. All descriptions and measurements are approximate only and all goods are sold as is where is.
  8. The purchaser must rely on their own inspections and enquiries as to the working condition and description of the goods. All goods are sold as is where is.
  9. Motor Vehicles are sold unregistered unless stated otherwise. No Statutory Warranty, No subject to finance, No Cooling Off period. Note: It is illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle on the road. CQ Auctions recommends use of a tow truck, vehicle carrier or permit to relocate vehicle. Please ask our staff for tow truck business cards.
  10. No warranties are given either expressed or implied by the auctioneer,CQ Auctions staff or any entity associated with CQ Auctions. All goods are sold as is where is.
  11. CQ Auctions is prepared to execute absentee or telephone bids on behalf of prospective buyers who are not at the auction at no charge on this service however standard fees will apply e.g. Buyers premium on the condition that;
    1. absentee / telephone bidders registration form must be filled out before sale of item specified, refer to condition 1; AND
    2. the prospective buyer acknowledges that taking instructions by telephone in the course of an auction has inherent risks (such as miscommunication, misunderstanding or other problems caused by a telecommunications fault or failure including a mobile telephone connection falling out). CQ Auctions shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions in connection with the execution of absentee or telephone bids. If we are unable to contact you, we will place one bid on your behalf at the maximum bid amount you have previously specified.
  12. The Auctioneer has the right to refuse any bid and the vendor is entitled to one bid at the time of sale.
  13. The decision of the Auctioneer is final in all matters relating to the auction and no bidder has any right of recourse against the Auctioneer or the seller.
  14. Without affecting condition 14, if there is any dispute over a bid, the Auctioneer may:
    1. reopen the bidding and resubmit the property for sale starting with the highest bid previously accepted; or
    2. determine the dispute in any other way the Auctioneer considers appropriate in his absolute discretion
  15. All offers to purchase unsold lots made within two working days of an auction of that lot will be subject to all auction terms and conditions.
  16. All goods purchased must be removed from the auction site within two working days. Goods not collected within nominated time frame. Storage and other handling fees will apply unless prior arrangements have been made with CQ Auctions staff.
  17. No movement of vehicles or machinery during an auction. Carry out goods are exempted if prior payment is arranged in full.
  18. GST is always included in Buyers Premium & Seller Commission.
  19. Storage of goods at sellers risk until fall of the hammer then buyer becomes responsible. Thereafter the vendor and the auctioneer will be free from all responsibility for safeguarding the goods. It is advised for the buyer to arrange immediate insurance cover upon fall of the hammer.
  20. PPSR (Personal Property Security Register) checks will be made to all motor vehicles and machinery capable of travelling excess of 10 km/h purchased as per standard legal requirements. This fee is $10 per item (paid by buyer). If the item is not sold this fee is $5 per item (paid by seller).
  21. All lots sold incurs 11% (plus GST) commission of fall of hammer price (paid by seller).
  22. If there is a reserve set it may only be changed with written consent of the seller before the auction begins although maybe changed by promptly filling out the reserve amendment form during auction. CQ Auctions may at its own discretion consent to an oral request for a reduction by the seller of reserve previously set.
  23. CQ Auctions is only liable to the seller for payment of the sale proceeds if the purchase price of all items sold has been received in cleared funds. Once full purchase price of all items sold has been received showing as cleared funds in CQ Auctions trust account. Then CQ Auctions shall pay the sale proceeds to the seller by EFT not later than 31 working days.
  24. If a lot is unsold at the Auction, CQ Auctions is authorised by the seller as the seller’s sole agent to sell the lot by private treaty or by auction for a price that is not less than the agreed reserve at anytime between CQ Auctions monthly auctions provided that the highest offer for an unsold lot is referred to the seller then the seller may accept that offer. However if the maker of the offer wishes to withdraw the offer then they must do so in writing prior to CQ Auctions contacting the seller seeking acceptance of the offer.
  25. Occupational Health and Safety Standards apply to all site attendees and their contractors.
  26. CQ Auctions yard and buildings are no smoking areas.
  27. Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  28. It is a condition of entry that all attendees must not endanger themselves or others by way of action, inaction, negligence or intent.
  29. It is a condition of entry to the auction/sales site that all attendees must comply with any directions given by CQ Auctions staff, agents or the site controller.
  30. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required to be worn at all times, while on CQ Auctions site, during inspections, auction days, delivery and collection of goods. Including eye protection, sun protection and sturdy covered shoes. (Sunscreen is available at office.
  31. All work carried out on site will be performed in a manner compliant with the relevant State Occupational Health and Safety Legislation. All work undertaken on the site must be performed by suitably qualified and insured persons.
  32. All tradespersons must hold the relevant licences to undertake plant disconnection and removal or any other relevant activities. Copies of these licenses may be requested prior to the commencement of work and copies of licence details may be retained by CQ Auctions.
  33. Copies of Insurances – PI/PL and Workers Compensation may be required to perform work on the site and copies may be retained by CQ Auctions.
  34. The registered bidder and purchasers agree that they are solely responsible for their staff, contractors or agents that are on auction site.
  35. No climbing on, starting or operating of machinery, plant, equipment, vehicles and other chattels without the permission of CQ Auctions staff.
  36. All electrical goods must be inspected by a qualified electrician prior to operation, resale or installation.
  37. All plant and equipment offered for sale may not comply with current safety and operational legislation and is sold for the purpose of wrecking, renovation or repair.
  38. All plant, equipment and chattels must be inspected by a qualified person prior to installation, use or resale.
  39. It is the sellers’ responsibility for unloading, moving and handling of any lots prior to being sold, which then becomes the purchasers’ responsibility. It is the purchasers’ responsibility for the moving, loading or dismantling of any lots on CQ Auctions site. CQ Auctions staff is available for access only.
  40. All disconnection and connection of electrical, water, plumbing, compressed air, gas and refrigerant lines must be conducted by a qualified tradesperson.
  41. All decommissioning, dismantling, demolishing must be conducted by a qualified person.
  42. Operation of any lifting, access and transport equipment will be conducted by a licensed person. Lifting gear and equipment is not provided by CQ Auctions.
  43. All handling and transport of chemicals and dangerous/hazardous material must be conducted by a licensed or qualified person.
  44. All work above 2.0 metres will require the use of certified equipment. All equipment used will be within the safe test date requirement for such equipment and in approved condition. All work at heights risks will remain under the control of the purchaser, their agents or contractors.

If you are unsure about any aspect of our auction terms and conditions or require help bidding. Please ask our staff as we are all very happy to help you.

Good luck and we wish you much success. Happy bidding!